My name is
Aja Holston-Barber

care. possibility. rigor.

I support racial justice strategies informed by my background in political science, public health, and psychology. I have a passion for facilitation, writing, and bodywork that focuses on long-term change by helping us deepen our understanding that our individual and shared joy are often just on the other side of collective change. I am clear that we can build beyond suffering by transforming our community in ways that create shared power and fundamental healing for all of us. 

I am originally from Texas and moved to Louisville, KY in 2016. In 2020, I started consulting full time to support a wide variety of organizations in Louisville, across Kentucky, and nationally to further their antiracist justice work. Outside of work, I find joy with my boo, our garden, my sisterhood, nature walks, long beach vacations, and so much more!


What is most important to know about my vision is that I strive for a world where every one of us is able to tap into our creativity and unique contributions by living in a caring society that meets our basic and expansive needs.

I think each of us, individually and as organizations, can play a role in getting there. In my vision—informed by countless others before and after me—we have the opportunity to be in the right relationship with ourselves, each other, and the Earth to hone in our potential for greatness.

Some of my earliest memories are connected to a deep longing for my own happiness and for the people around me to be happy. For the next several years, it only became clearer to me that unhappiness is often something that is forced on us based on the people around us and the way society values us.

When I moved to Louisville, KY, I learned that the “the choices people make are shaped by the choices people have.” This switched on a lightbulb that helped me understand a major part to supporting myself and others to find the joy we deserved. People don’t desire suffering for themselves, it is created for us through community. In this same way, care and joy is within our grasp to create just as powerfully.

All that you touch, you Change. All that you Change, Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change.

Octavia Butler

My vision is that my skills, imagination, and action are put to use in ways that support all of us to create Change towards the society that our truest passions and creativity deserve.

Current Work

As my skills and the needs around me evolve, so does my work. These days, I find myself mostly focused on writing, supporting long-term visioning and strategic planning through justice-centered values, and individual and group facilitation focused on justice-centered shared language, reflection, and skill building.

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